Mark Dixon artist

The Network Workshops, Cambridge.
Network – this LED installation magically animated the ‘Enter’ festival structure on Parkers Piece in Cambridge during the night, by reacting to the wireless cloud that surrounds us. I used 6,000 ultrabright LEDs to cover the outer skin of the dome and it was visible from dusk and all through the night. The public were also encouraged to text to a dedicated number and directly affect it.   



YouTube movie showing the network construction.

During the day, Mark’s LED workshops became very popular. These included allowing people to remove parts of the artwork, hacking it with a soldering iron and adding more LEDs. The customised units were then replaced on to the dome. For the smaller electronic enthusiast, we did our own version of an LED Throwie inspired by graffitiresearchlab


. . . teaching the public to hack electronics and solder new components.

Replacing hacked electronic units on the main display . . . .

A printed insert from one of the bags containing the individual Led Units which made up part of the work. All 3,000 where given away to the public at the end of project party.

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